A digital platform for care and communication

Memoria enables better individual care based on each person’s own story and memories.

With Memoria we let families share the life story of their loved one through photos and memories, and make it easily available for professional caregivers.


Photo: Frida Bringslimark / Bodø i Vinden

The importance of life story work

A person’s life story is the basis for individualized care. Their memories and experiences are the foundation of their identity, and having it available allows you to get to know them better, understand their needs and preserve their dignity and sense of self. Reminiscing is an important way of knowing who we are, and enabling someone to share their story creates positive achievement and confidence, increasing their quality of life.



Share valuable moments and keep in touch with the family

Many families worry that their loved one feels lonely or isolated at the institution. In most cases, their concern is far from the reality, but they don’t have a convenient way of knowing that. Memoria lets both the family and the professional caregivers share special and joyful moments from their everyday lives. This closes the gap between the parties, creates a greater understanding of each others roles and needs, and inspires a closer cooperation between them.



The whole family can contribute – anytime and anywhere

Memoria lets those who know the person best contribute their piece of the puzzle. They can add photos, stories or more information to complete their loved one’s life story wherever they are. Once they have created a Memoria profile, they can always access it through their phone, tablet or computer, whether they’re sitting at home or going on holiday. If they live far away, or travel a lot, they can use Memoria to share their experiences with their loved one at home, where the caregivers can help the person keep in touch with the people close to them.






How it works

Do you want to try Memoria yourself, or do you know someone who can benefit from it? 

Please follow these simple steps to get startet with your loved one’s Memoria profile:

1. Create a Memoria profile

– Create your user account here

– Create a Memoria profile for your loved one

– Invite family members and friends to contribute photos and stories


2. Download our view-only app to your phone or tablet

– App Store or Google Play: Search for ‘MinMemoria’

– Log on to your user account

– View photos and stories together, with no need to worry about something changed or deleted by accident.




Do you work in a care facility? 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information or a demo.


If you have any questions, please contact us through chat, email or phone